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Guidelines to Hiring a Professional Dog Walker

Choosing the pet service to hire for your dog can be a tricky process. That being said, before you begin the process, you should constantly check your dog’s behavior. You should then have a trial period with the dog walker before you hire him permanently. During the process of hiring a dog walker, the points highlighted below must be considered. For instance, you should investigate the training methods used by the dog walker. There are dog walkers who specialize in taking dogs on walks. In a case where your dog does not know how to walk on a leash, he may disrupt and slow down the entire pack. Therefore, ask the dog walker about various training methods he uses in varying situations. You can then hire one that can effectively handle issues when they arise.

Additionally, you should check if the dog walker you intend to hire is Pet First Aid Certified. It is crucial to hire a dog walker that has recent training in pet first aid. You should also ask him how frequently he takes this training. You should even ask the dog walker what he would do if something happened to your dog. For instance, ask him if he would identify a dog going into shock or what he would do if a dog started choking. This line of questioning is important since an accident might happen when he is with your dog.

It is fundamental to hire a dog walker that is insured and bonded. Since dog walkers walk multiple dogs, your dog might be attacked. Your dog will then need veterinary care, which might be costly. Therefore, before you pick a dog walker, make sure you know who pays the vet bills if something like this happens. Visit the insurance provider of the dog walker to confirm your dog is going to be taken care of in case a medical issue arises.

Next, make sure you review all the references of the dog walker. Most pet services have websites where their customers rate their services and post their reviews. You should avoid hiring a dog walker with a one-star review. You should also avoid dog walkers with negative reviews from multiple people. If the dog walker doesn’t have a website, you can google his name and find essential information about him/her. A dog walker with high ratings and positive reviews can be trusted to take proper care of your dog.

Similarly, consider the communication skills of your dog walker. It is critical for your dog walker to update you after every walk. This helps prevent accidents when your dog gets home. Availability is also another factor to consider when hiring a dog walker. You should be able to easily reach your dog walker through phone or email. A good dog walker is one who is responsive and available. This ensures that in case something goes wrong, you can easily reach him and get your questions answered. Ask your dog walker if he offers boarding services. This is essential if you have to travel out of the country.

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