We all know anytime we’re considering planning a trip to a new country just about the most important questions is: what is the weather destined to be like? It can really make or break vacation.

When you are looking at Belize, movie luck if you’re searching for warmth. It’s a popular destination with tourists seeking a beach break also it rarely gets anywhere near what could be considered ‘cold’.

Read on for much more climate details about the beautiful country of Belize.
Temperatures in Belize and Hopkins Village
The temperatures in Belize vary involving the cayes, the coastal areas, as well as the inland cities. But generally, temperatures listed here are pretty stable, with only minor fluctuations through the year. In Hopkins Village, temperatures will undoubtedly usually range from a winter low of 80 degrees and 87 degrees in summer.

This explains why Belize is often a popular overwintering destination, with visitors swapping the freezing winters of the home countries for something altogether easier in Belize.
Humidity in Belize
The whole of Belize is classed as developing a subtropical climate, with defined dry and rainy seasons. During the rainy season, which runs from June to November, it may become uncomfortably sticky and humid. This is worth taking into consideration, because mugginess could make sightseeing less enjoyable.
Rainfall in Belize
Belize incorporates a dry and also a rainy season annually. Dry season officially runs from December right through to May and rainy season from June to November. However, expect the unexpected, because rainfall in Belize could be unpredictable!

Generally speaking, there’s more rain the further south you traverse Belize. The northerly cayes are probably the driest by having an average close to 70 inches a year, and it also’s wettest inside southern Punta Gorda region, with around 120 inches expected annually. Hopkins is found at the mid-point of Belize, and so the amount of rain falls somewhere within these two averages.
Sea Temperature
You can comfortably swim in Belize’s ocean at any point inside year, and that is great news for water babies. When you do decide to dip a toe in, the good you can expect is usually a more-than-pleasant 80 degrees during winter and around 84 degrees in summer.

Storms and Hurricanes in Belize
Tropical storms and hurricanes do take place in Belize, there have been 16 hurricanes recorded since 1931. They can occur any time from July through November, and definitely will most commonly hit in a choice of September or October.

The central and northern elements of the country, like the popular island cayes, are worst affected, while using southern part of the united states less likely to suffer, due to the shelter given by neighboring Honduras.

It’s worth noting that almost all tourists don’t experience weather anywhere near this dramatic, and it also’s greatly predisposed you’ll experience a huge downpour than the usual full-on storm.
The Best Time to Visit Belize
The best months to travel to Belize, so the busiest, are likely to be agreed to be February, March, and April. The days are warm, but there is however less prospects for experiencing the rain and humidity that comes through the summer and fall months.