Belize, like countries, really wants to protect its borders and thus there are entry requirements for anyone who would like to visit. They are different dependant upon your home country, however it’s generally easy to understand to understand – and in some cases, worried about do anything by any means.

The main requirements are listed below. Making sure you already know the rules is unquestionably worth the effort. That way, holiday can begin – headache-free – as soon as you arrive in Belize.
‘No Visa Required’ Countries
Visitors in the below countries not one of them a visa to get in Belize, but there might be a minimum length your passport has got to run after you allow – go here with your property consulate. You will also have to provide proof you intend to leave Belize – returning flight ticket will likely be sufficient just for this.

There is visa-free admittance to Belize for nationals from:

  • USA and Territories (or USA Permanent Residents)
  • Canada (or Canada Permanent Residents)
  • European Union (EU) member states
  • Schengen visa holders
  • Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states
  • Central and South America: Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay
  • Other: Iceland, Norway, South Africa, Tunisia, United Kingdom
    ‘Visa Required’ Countries
    Visitors from the number of other countries will be needing a visa to get in Belize. You can check the whole list around the Belize Government Immigration website.
    Applying For A Visa: Cost And Process
    There’s an electric to make an application for a Belize visa, as well as the cost varies based on the visa you’re looking for.

Visas mean up to a 30-day visit, however, if you want to stay longer, you may apply for an extension box – a ‘Belize Visitor’s Permit Extension’ – so you’ll be able to stay for 60, 90, or maybe 180 days. The cost of each extension is BZ$200.

You can sign up for your Belizean visa via your property country’s consulate or maybe a travel agent, plus your visa need to be approved and issued prior to arrive in Belize.

There are home equity loans visas on the market to tourists:
Single Entry Visa

  • One entry into Belize is allowed
  • Valid for 6 months from your issue date
  • The cost will depend on where you are from, but fees are still:
  • Peoples Republic of China: BZ$3000
  • India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka: BZ$750
  • All other countries: BZ$200
    Multiple Entry Visa
  • Multiple entries into Belize are allowed
  • Valid for 12 months from your issue date
  • The cost will depend on where you’re from, but fees are still:
  • Peoples Republic of China: BZ$4000
  • India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka: BZ$1000
  • All other countries: BZ$300
    Entering Belize With Children
    If you’re planning on visiting Belize like a solo parent having a child, take a notarized letter of authority with you in the other parent, as you’ll have to show this when you.
    Belize And COVID-19
    Due to COVID-19, you will find currently additional requirements when entering Belize. These are changing rapidly, so book your country’s consulate and the Belize Government’s website to the latest updates.